Thumbtack Heart Wall Art

Happy middle of the week! I don’t know if it’s just me but this week seems to be going by pretty slow! I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t really had time to craft much, so I was pretty excited when I got to sit down and do a small project today! I’m in love with things being thumbtacked at the moment. After buying loads of thumbtacks for some future projects  that I will post, I had some leftover thumbtacks that I didn’t want to go to waste, which is how this post came about!

This project cost $2.50, which is great because if I get tired of it, it won’t be that big of a deal!

What I used (I got all of these items at the Dollar Tree):
-Foam board
-8×10 picture frame

Thumbtack Heart Wall ArtI used a knife to cut down the foam board then laid my 8×10 picture frame over it. I cut the foam board to the size of the 8×10 frame, that way I knew it would fit perfectly.

Thumbtack Heart Wall ArtI used my knife again and made a light line of a heart so I knew where to push the thumbtacks in. I then started pushing them into the foam board.

Thumbtack Heart Wall ArtAt first I was going to leave it like this but then decided to use what was remaining of the thumbtacks and filled up the heart.

Thumbtack Heart Wall ArtThis didn’t take me as long as the pumpkin did, thank goodness! I’m glad I decided to fill it up, I like the texture of it.

Thumbtack Heart Wall ArtI placed it in the frame without the glass and put the backing on. I stared at it for awhile and wasn’t quite sure I liked it. There was something off. I took the back off and laid down the foam board, contemplating on what to do with it. I remembered I had Krylon brushed metallic spray paint I used for a previous project. I love the color of it, it’s silver with specks of gold that shimmers through. I decided the frame needed a little makeover.

Thumbtack Heart Wall ArtI am so glad I decided to spray paint the frame. It goes together so well! It didn’t take me much time at all and I love the way it turned out. Thank goodness I’m now out of thumbtacks, who knows what my mind would’ve came up with next!

Thumbtack Heart Wall Art

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