Tin can flowers / Bird feeder

We made these tin can flowers a while back. They are so pretty and make a great yard decoration! Then when you add some birdseed to them they change to one of the prettiest bird feeders I have ever seen.
I originally used regular old craft pain, and it all started chipping off the flowers after a week. So lesson learned we went and got some outdoor craft paint.

I am also happy to report that my mom’s squirrel was not able to get up the flower stem to get the bird seed. He tried but the stem is just too thin for him to climb so until he learns to pull it out or tip it over these appear to be squirrel proof.

If you decide to make these with your child just note that I did all the cutting of the cans and supervised the kids while they painted them. They did not get any cuts the entire time we did this, however that is not too say your kids wont get cut, so keep an eye on them and be careful.


14oz Tin Can
Tin Cutters
Washable Marker
Green Plant Stake
Out Door Craft Paint
Heavy Duty Glue
Clear Sealer/Protectant


Tin can flowers / Bird feederUse your hammer and nail to put a LARGE hole in the bottom of your can. NOTE: You need the hole to be big enough to fit your plant stake, so you may need to do more than one hole and connect them.
Tin can flowers / Bird feederMake sure you don’t make the hole too big, this is what it should look like when done.
Tin can flowers / Bird feederUse your washable marker to mark of where you are going to cut.

Tin can flowers / Bird feederUse your Tin cutters to cut the can where you marked.
Tin can flowers / Bird feederBend your petals down
Tin can flowers / Bird feederUsing your tin cutters snip the ends off of each corner of petal

Now paint your flowers. You can do any pattern you like, make sure to paint the inside and outside since you will see both.
Once the paint is dry. Insert your Planting rod into the bottom of your can. Then apply your heavy glue on the inside of your flower, and then apply the glue on the outside of your flower.
Tin can flowers / Bird feederOnce the glue is dry bring your flowers outside and spray your flowers with clear protectant to help protect from the elements.

Fill your flowers with birdseed and watch the birds come to enjoy your pretty flowers.

Tin can flowers / Bird feeder

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