Tips for Being a Strong Woman in The Workplace

In everyday life, in a meeting or at work, a woman must always look confident. Body language is a great way to show your control and communicate power and strength with what you say. But if you cannot use it, you can transmit the opposite, writes. So what a woman should do and what not to do when she talks on a major business meeting or a conference?

Here are 5 tips that you can use body language to job, to show that you are really a strong woman:
1.Do not nod too much
A common mistake that women make in terms of body language job is that nod. Too much sometimes. This happens during conversations, when you want to show that you agree with your interlocutor. But you may look a little funny. You know those plush puppies that were put in the car, head mounted on a spring that is always moving when the car moves? You may look like them if you head all the time when you talk to someone. Control yourself and use this move often, only when you agree with the caller.
2.No fake smile!
Pleasant to be done, some women have learned to smile no matter what. It’s not good! A fake smile is a sign of weakness and transmits lack of sincerity signals. Keep your smile for when you meet somebody or when even enjoy the company of that who you are at your meeting. It’s okay to be serious. In addition, this will make the discussion partners appreciate your smile.
3.Do not look over the glasses
If you wear glasses, do not look over them to those with whom you talk. In body language, this means superiority and contempt. So avoid doing this. If you wear reading glasses and don’t see the people well, you better remove the glasses when you talk. Otherwise, you look distant and snobbish.
4. Do not touch
When they are nervous or insecure women tend to put their hand in hair behind or play with jewels. These are gestures that show low self-confidence. When flirting, you may touch your shoulders, neck and chest slightly. Thus, highlight facial features. But these are some gestures that do not want to do on a business meeting. Will have an undesirable effect.
5. Press just firmly your tips of the fingers
When you hold a speech in front of many people, such as a conference, put your hands on the chest and pressing slightly with your fingertips. This is a gesture of safety. You show those in in front of you that you know what you’re talking and you are reliable.

Besides these 5 tips you can use in business body language, remember not to point the finger to someone in the hall, who is in front of you – he might feel like in the school time. However, if you want a gesture, a positive gesture is to keep your open palm or thumb fore finger unite as a sign of “OK”.

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Tips for Being a Strong Woman in The Workplace