Trash to Treasure: Frame that Artwork

Having a home full of kiddo’s I’ve had a picture frame or two (or 10) knocked off the wall now and then. Who hasn’t, right? After I’ve cleaned up the glass I have a hard time tossing out the frame. Anyone else have this problem? Well it seems I have amassed quite a collection but I have found a fun and simple way to turn my trash into treasure. I’ve taken my old picture frames (trash) to display artwork (treasure) from the very same kiddo’s who knocked them down in the first place.[expand title=”Expand and Read More” trigpos=”below”]
This project is beyond simple. I’m even talking staple-gun and glue-gun free. That’s right. So put down your weapons and let’s get started! The project supplies are easy too. You probably have them in your craft stash or they can be picked up on your next run to WallyWorld. Grab your glass-free picture frames, a pre-made attachable bow (the ones that come with a plastic wire) and a few badge ID clips.

Trash to Treasure: Frame that ArtworkI picked up this box of 12 ID clips for less then $2. Take one out and snap the little snaps together so they make a loop.

Trash to Treasure: Frame that ArtworkI know that step was crazy difficult so go ahead, set the clip aside and take a load off! When you’re ready to pick it back up and attach it to your bow by pulling the ends of it’s plastic wire through the clip loop. One end through one side of the loop, the other the opposite way.

Trash to Treasure: Frame that ArtworkTake your now ID clip sportin’ bow and place it on the front of your frame. Wrap the plastic wire around the frame to attach the bow in place.

Trash to Treasure: Frame that ArtworkNow some broken frames lose their hanging hook off the back as well. Still no need to get your weapons, simply twist the ends of the wire together both to firmly secure the bow but also for easy hanging!

Trash to Treasure: Frame that ArtworkI didn’t like the way the bottom ribbon on my bows hung so I simply rolled a piece of sticky tape and attached them to the top part of my frame. Geesh! What did that take us… a whole 5 minutes? Not even that! You know what the real hard part is? Trying to decide which artwork to display.

Trash to Treasure: Frame that ArtworkA few different size frames make everything a little more interesting and eclectic. Having the frames and/or the bow the same color keeps your display from looking like the art wall in the kindergarten room.

Trash to Treasure: Frame that ArtworkChanging out the art isĀ almost as hard as it was to make these trash-to-treasure frames in the first place. Just don’t break a nail while clipping and unclipping the influx of new art you will be receiving. Kiddo’s get a huge kick out of seeing their works of art hung in such a show-stopping way. Just tell them no more kicking balls in the house… you don’t want to hear “Yay! A new Artwork Display!” after the sound of breaking glass.

[/expand]Trash to Treasure: Frame that Artwork