Washi tape light switch cover

My favorite projects around the house are always ones that are fast, easy and have a short materials list and this little washi tape light switch cover is no exception. Every time I turn on the light now in our baby’s nursery I smile. The step by step is super easy too![expand title=”Expand and Read More” trigpos=”below”]

Materials & Tools:
Washi tape
Light switch cover
X-acto knife
Screw driver

1. Unscrew your existing light switch cover (or if you are feeling lazy have your significant other do it for you while you do something more fun like picking out your washi tape colors)

2. Wipe off your cover, front and back, of any dust/dirt

3. Slap on your washi tape, leaving enough to wrap around the edges and onto the back

4. Trim out the screw holes with an x-acto knife

5. Trim out the hole for the light switch (I cut an x and then folded the tape flaps in)

6. Screw your light plate switch back on

Washi tape light switch cover

Word of warning… be careful when screwing the cover back on because if your tape isn’t trimmed well the screws can tug it and wrinkle it a bit if you over tighten. If that happens, just pop your cover back off and replace the piece of messed up tape and you are back in business!

[/expand]Washi tape light switch cover