Wine Corks in the Sand

This little project was so fun! I know I say it every time, but now this is my favorite! This is another little treasure I found in my basement in the corner.

Wine Corks in the SandI did the old routine of painting and sanding and then added jute to the middle.

Wine Corks in the SandThe lighting in my kitchen was horrible that day! I’m sorry for all the bad pictures!

Wine Corks in the SandPulled out the “old faithful” sand scrapbook paper on put it over the mirror.

Wine Corks in the SandThose little guys are the reason this whole project started. FYI, Greg and I don’t drink wine (don’t ask me about Miller Lite). My friend at the Elks Lodge bartends there and saves me all the wine corks.

Wine Corks in the SandWhoa! That picture is really bad! Anyway, I glued the wine corks to the paper in the middle.

Wine Corks in the SandI thought it needed a little something else, so I glued a starfish to the corks. I know the starfish is upside down, but it looked so much better that way.

The other side was just too blah.

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Wine Corks in the Sand