Wreath with Moss Covered Eggs

Today I show you an amazingly simple Dollar Store-ish type of craft that comes together in a nap-time and lasts all Spring. Adorned with DIY moss covered eggs it’s perfect for Easter too!The supplies are simple.  I picked up this twig wreath at the Dollar Store but got the plastic eggs and sheet moss at Walmart (although everything can be found at the Dollar Store!). Oh, plus every SuperMom’s weapon of choice: A Glue Gun.

Wreath with Moss Covered EggsI changed up my approach a bit, mostly because I was doing 283 different things that day and was in a hurry. Mainly instead of cutting the moss into squares before hot gluing it onto the eggs, I just kinda pulled the moss apart. So if you want a completely green-moss egg, cut the moss first. If you want a brownish-green-moss egg, or you are juggling 283 tasks at once, just pull it baby!

Disclaimer:  This is a bit messy so prep your area to catch the falling moss to reuse it.  I used a paper plate but an open newspaper would of been better.  Run a couple zig-zags of glue on an egg and then roll it in, or press it on, the moss.  I chose a green egg to help blend in any tiny holes.

Wreath with Moss Covered EggsContinue gluing, rolling and pressing until the egg is completely covered.  If there are any bare spots use some of small moss pieces that fell to fill them in.

I gave my eggs a little trimmin’.  Some might prefer the wild, untamed look of the egg on the left, but I went ahead and took a pair of scissors and gave mine a hair cut.

I made 12 of these mossy eggs.  I thought about covering the entire wreath with them but instead just added a few and saved the others for other things:D

Wreath with Moss Covered EggsI blinged-up my eggs with a few paper flowers and pearls. The rest of my eggs I left plain so all their mossy glory would take center stage.

Wreath with Moss Covered EggsI used a piece of green chevron burlap ribbon to hang my Mossy Egg Spring Wreath around an old wooden window frame and hung it on the mantle.  Squeal! Love it!Wreath with Moss Covered Eggs

Wreath with Moss Covered EggsI still go back and forth on filling the entire wreath up with these eggs they are so stinkin’ cute.  However I think I’ll have to wait until I’m flying around my house with 283 other things to do or they might not turn out as awesome.

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Wreath with Moss Covered Eggs