Batty Halloween Mobile Tutorial

I have two sons and they LOVE Halloween! I think it comes in third only behind Christmas and their own birthday. Ha! Here is a batty mobile I made that can adorn any window or corner of your nest.
Batty Halloween Mobile Tutorial

You will need:

  • Some type of plastic or wire bowl. I bought this at the dollar store, it was supposed to be a bowl, I just turned it upside down!
  • Bakers twine, regular twine or black yarn will be fine.
  • Graphics bats, pumpkins or skeletons to hang from your mobile. I bought a 5 pack of these black glitter bats at the dollar store.

Batty Halloween Mobile Tutorial
1. Simply tie a knot at the top of your bowl so you can hang it from the ceiling or window.
2. Tie your bats at different lengths and you are done! This craft can be done with your kids, even the youngest littles can help.
Do your kids love Halloween?

Batty Halloween Mobile Tutorial

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