How to clean the whole house in half a day

There are tricks to finish faster overall cleanliness. If you’re a good housewife, you can finish the whole thing in half a day and thus have time to do your manicure, drink coffee, or cook something good for dinner. See how to do general cleaning in half a day.

Rapid assessment
Take a look around the house and identify the most problematic areas. The better you know what to do, the faster you will move. Let’s see, what are you about to do? Dirty dishes, lumpy floor dust, dirty curtains, piles of bills and papers thrown everywhere, bathroom full of mold and rust?
Gather the troops
If you have children old enough to understand your desperation, put them to work. If guests come uninvited, your husband had a hard day at work, or simply you have postponed general cleanliness too much, you can negotiate anything for their help. If you don’t have any help, roll up your sleeves and get to work organized without panic and nerves.
Surfaces. Collect all items clothes thrown clothes. It will be easier to clean.
If it is an emergency, hide all these things in a closet or in bags, to sort them after unexpected event.
If it’s not urgent, first get rid of clutter, put all the dirty clothes in the laundry basket and the clean ones in the closet and then clean and sort the paperwork. Remove dust on large surfaces and then on the smaller ones, which take longer.
The same goes for kitchen: the mess has to go first. Sort dishes, flour and bags and then start to wash.
Leave the sweeping last and clean the countertop with a cloth at the end.
The floor
If you have carpets or flooring, there is only one solution: a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum using cha-cha movements and use a mop to get rid of fine dust in the room and bathroom.
Once you’ve cleaned away, use some wet wipes to remove the hoop from universal toilet, sink and tub or shower stall.
Uses a special spray for bathroom mirror and you’re ready.
Do not forget to take a shower and to arrange yourself until guests arrive, and if it’s just an ordinary day, use the time gained and take a bubble bath, paint your nails and use that anti-cellulite cream that you always postpone.
How to clean the whole house in half a day


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