Coffee Bean Fragrance Jars

Today we are going to share with you a really simple little craft that once you have completed it you will absolutely love it!
Because after all, who doesn’t love coffee, cinnamon and orange?! Well okay, maybe you just love the smell of coffee. That will do!

Back when I was a big flavored coffee drinker but wanted to make my own flavored coffee, I would grind up the beans and add ground cinnamon to the beans and brew it up. Oh, the smell…and oh lovely the taste. Long story short, now I just enjoy the scent. Enter, Coffee Bean Fragrance Jars.
Coffee Bean Fragrance Jars
What you will need to make these jars are:

  • Good quality coffee beans where you can see the oil on them.
  • Good quality essential oils.{ We use Plant Therapy essential oils and choose Orange and Cinnamon Bark}
  • Mason jars. We used the mini’s found at the craft store. But any type and size jar will do.
  • Cupcake liners.
  • Twine.
  • Bamboo skewer.
  • A bowl to mix oil and beans in prior to placing in a jar.

Coffee Bean Fragrance Jars
Place coffee beans in a bowl. Add 8-10 drops of essential oil and mix using the skewer. Add more oil if you desire a stronger scent.

Once you are happy with your scent, place it on your cupcake paper and center it.

Place the ring on the jar and tie a piece of twine around it.

Coffee Bean Fragrance Jars

Using your skewer, poke holes on top of the cupcake paper to release the heavenly scent.

Now place your scented jars in areas that you would like a lovely fragrance to gently come through. In our home, we will walk by the jars, give them a little shake and take a big sniff just because we love them so much!

These should last a good while and you can always add more oil if you find the scent not as strong as you would like it to be.

We made up two jars of coffee bean cinnamon and one jar of coffee bean orange. How great would coffee bean vanilla bean or coffee bean almond be?! Play around and see what different scents you come up with.

Coffee Bean Fragrance Jars
Wouldn’t these make cute little party favors or gifts? In that case, just keep the seal on the jar as well to seal in the freshness.

Coffee Bean Fragrance Jars

Coffee Bean Fragrance Jars

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