DIY Decorative Wood Clock

For today’s project, my amazing and HUGE inspiration was a “clock” from Pottery Barn. I knew it wouldn’t look exactly the same, because I was only going to use what I had on hand, but was trying to get as close as possible.
DIY Decorative Wood Clock


  • wood
  • stain
  • paint (one color for wood and one for numerals)
  • mending braces and screwdriver
  • picture hanger and hammer
  • roman numeral printouts and pencil
  • marker
  • sandpaper(Forgive me, my laptop died and took this set of photos with it… sigh)

1. I started with two 2 by 4’s and cut each in half, but use any size you want
2. I stained the tops and sides of each
3. I flipped them over and lined them up, being sure the quirks were in the right places
4. I used mending braces to attach them to each other
5. I also attached a picture hanger to the top
DIY Decorative Wood Clock6. I dry brushed some white paint messily over the entire project
7. I traced a circle onto the board to use as my “clock” shape
8. I traced the outline of my numerals on the back of my paper
9. I flipped the paper over, placed at the appropriate spot on my clock (double check it is facing the right way), and scribbled (hard) over the entire number
DIY Decorative Wood Clock10. The outline was very faint, but enough for me to follow
11. I traced the outline with my marker
12. I filled in the numerals and I painted the circle and some dashed lines around it
13. After it dried I used my palm sander to rough it up (you could just do it by hand with sand paper)
DIY Decorative Wood ClockAfter I finished, I realized that on most clocks, including my inspiration, the roman numerals are facing out. Like the 6 should be upside down, whoopsie!
DIY Decorative Wood ClockIn hindsight, I would have used a smaller font size
DIY Decorative Wood ClockEh, it still looks ok to me! Live and Learn!
DIY Decorative Wood ClockAnd here it is in it’s (maybe) final resting place.
DIY Decorative Wood Clock

DIY Decorative Wood Clock

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