DIY Drop Cloth Wreath

This was a really easy, cheap, and fun little project! I followed the tutorial from Today’s Fabulous Finds and it was SUPER helpful.

1. fabric, I used a drop cloth
2. straight pins
3. a styrofoam wreath form, mine was from Dollar Tree
4. A ribbon for hanging
All you need is:

Basically, you cut a bunch of squares from your fabric, fold and bubble up the square, then pin it to the wreath form. My “bubbles” didn’t turn out as nice as hers, but I am happy with it anyway!
DIY Drop Cloth WreathIt took a few tries to get the fold/bubble thing right, but this is where that great tutorial and her photos really come in handy!
DIY Drop Cloth WreathDIY Drop Cloth WreathI sure do like how it came out!
DIY Drop Cloth WreathIt was just the little somethin somethin my living room mirror needed.
DIY Drop Cloth WreathI was very haphazard with the fabric and some of the frayed edges are poking out to give it a rustic feel.
DIY Drop Cloth Wreath
DIY Drop Cloth Wreath

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