DIY Fabric Flowers

So, I have been going a little crazy with the fabric flowers lately… and I have become obsessed with buttons, who has the best selection, when they go on sale, and how best to use my coupons. To be fair, I am making them into headbands, hair clips, and brooches for a craft show. Every little girl needs a flowered headband, don’t ya think?

They are super cute and very easy to make, and since you don’t need much fabric, no need to hit the fabric store. What you have in your stash will probably do.

DIY Fabric FlowersYou will need six 2-1/2″ squares, strong thread, and a needle. I use cording as thread because I will be selling them and like the extra strength. Makes me sleep better at night to put out a quality product.

DIY Fabric FlowersFold your square in half diagonally and use a running stitch along the edge, to pull the pedal together.

DIY Fabric FlowersPull tight and knot after each pedal.

DIY Fabric FlowersRepeat…

DIY Fabric FlowersOnce you have all six pedals done, connect to the first as shown above, to close in your flower.

DIY Fabric FlowersPull a button through the center and tie off.

DIY Fabric FlowersThis is where my button obsession comes in and dreams of vintage button stashes lull me off to sleep. I have found that buttons at least 7/8″ work best to cover the raw edges. Have fun, and be creative, how about vintage earrings or rhinestones? The flower is just the starting point. Where you take it is up to you.

Here you go! One super cute fabric flower, that was super easy to make.

DIY Fabric Flowers

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