DIY Gold Vase

On the weekend it was my best friend’s 31st birthday and when I asked her what she’d like for her birthday all she requested was a vase. So I took it to the next level and decided to Pinterest this present up.

All it took was 2 glass vases, gold spray paint, masking tape and newspaper.

The result was fantastic.

Fairly easy tools:

  • Newspaper
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Vases of your choice
  • Gold spray paint (or colour of your choice)
  • Also gloves are handy so you don’t get spray paint all over your hands

DIY Gold VaseFirst Step: Tape off your design with masking tape. Make sure you double tape it and there are no lumps or bumps as the paint will leak and drip through (learnt all that on this one below – thankfully I could easily fix it with a wet chux before the paint dried too much)

DIY Gold VaseNext step: Spray – 2 coats is best for the better coverage. Also don’t hold the spray can too close to the vase as it will create drips.

DIY Gold VaseNext step: Wait about 5 – 10 mins before slowly and carefully peeling off the masking tape. If there is any paint on the clear part of vase then just use a wet chux to wipe clean.

DIY Gold VaseBigger vase:

With a bigger vase it best to over tape. I made sure I had plenty of tape around the rim of the vase and around the base.

DIY Gold VaseI stuffed the vase with a plastic bag and rags so that no spray paint could get inside plus it gave me something to hold onto while spraying.

DIY Gold VaseSpray 2 coats of paint and again wait about 10 mins before carefully peeling off the masking tape.

DIY Gold VaseAllow to dry and air out.

DIY Gold VaseEnd product.

It really gives a new edge to what would have been an otherwise plain vase.

My friend was happy with her unique gift.

DIY Gold Vase

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