DIY Menu Board

Hello! I usually don’t tell my husband what’s for dinner, he just goes with me to the grocery store and helps me get stuff that’s on the list. Every now and then he’ll ask what I’m making or what are we having for dinner. It wasn’t fair to keep him guessing while he smelled the spices and wonderful scents coming from the kitchen, so I decided I’d make a menu board.

DIY Menu BoardI bought foam stickers at the Dollar Tree and didn’t even plan on using them for this project, good thing I got them!

DIY Menu BoardI cut out “MENU” then S,M,T,W,T,F,S.”

DIY Menu BoardI laid all the letters out on some scrap paper and then used Martha Stewart satin black paint to paint over the letters. I let them dry for about an hour.

DIY Menu BoardI went to Walmart to originally buy a yard of Burlap and found duck cloth on clearance. We have a lot of burlap in our house already so I figured I’d switch it up a bit and I loved the texture of the duck cloth. I laid down the cardboard backing of the 11×14 frame I had purchased at the Dollar Tree. Then I laid down the cloth and cut the length I needed. I cut a little more than the backing just to make sure I had enough.

DIY Menu BoardDIY Menu BoardI then peeled off the letters and placed them where I wanted them to be on the cloth. I had my glue gun plugged in thinking I would need it, but I didn’t, turns out they stuck quite well without the glue! There were a few places on the letters that you could still see the original color so I went over the areas with a black sharpie.

DIY Menu BoardI added lines with a thin point sharpie and used a ruler to make sure the lines were straight.

DIY Menu BoardAfter using the thin point sharpie I went back over the lines with a thicker sharpie.

DIY Menu BoardI then put the glass and frame over it.

Added what we have had and what we are going to have to the menu with a dry erase marker.

This project cost $3.00, if I don’t add the paint brush, paint and dry erase marker we already had. It was so easy to do and looks great in our kitchen, now whenever my husband wants to know what’s for dinner, I can tell him to look at the menu. Not only does it help him but every now and then I tend to forget what I had planned on cooking so this definitely helps to remind me!

DIY Menu Board

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