DIY Paper Heart Necklace

I love Francesca Battistelli’s song called “My Paper Heart”, it’s such a beautiful song and very easy to sing along to. Every time I hear this song, I always picture a beautiful paper heart necklace made out of bible verses. I’ve had this vision for years and finally this month I sat down and brought that vision to life.

It’s so simple and easy to make, plus it you can make it out of any paper. So maybe your favourite piece of sheet music, favourite crochet pattern, favourite book, patterned paper or a mixture. I used an old Gideons bible that I’ve had for years, it took me a long time to find 24 verses to punch out but it was lovely to rediscover some favourite verses.

The things you’ll need are:

– 1 x bible (or whatever paper you’re going to use)
– White cardstock
– PVA glue
– Chain for necklace
– Jump rings
– Mini holepunch
– Heart punch (I used a smaller heart but use whatever size you like)
– Jewellery tools
– Paint brush (to paint the glue on with)

DIY Paper Heart NecklaceNext you’ll need to punch out 12 hearts out of the cardstock (you can punch out more or less depending on how many hearts you want on your necklace – I wanted 12). Then you need to punch out 24 hearts out of the bible (or other paper) one heart for each side of the 12 hearts of cardstock.

DIY Paper Heart NecklaceThen glue a paper heart onto each side of the cardstock heart. I used a glue stick but I found that the sides of the hearts didn’t stick down enough so I think it would be better to use the PVA glue instead for better coverage.

DIY Paper Heart NecklaceOnce you have all the hearts glued back to back then comes to fun messy part. PVA glue the whole front side of the paper heart – I used some baking paper underneath so that they wouldn’t stick and keep the mess off the table. You will need two coats on both sides but it’s better to do one coat then let it dry, do another coat then let it dry, turn over to the other side and do one coat let it dry and then do the last coat and let it dry. It’s time consuming but you can do other things around the house while waiting for it all to dry.

DIY Paper Heart NecklaceOnce dry the paper hearts are now stiffer and using the small hole punch, punch a hole into the heart. I punched a hole slightly off to the side for a different effect.

DIY Paper Heart NecklaceThen using a jump ring attach the paper heart to the necklace chain in whatever pattern you like. I wanted all my hearts facing the same direction but you can have them going any direction you wish.

DIY Paper Heart Necklace DIY Paper Heart NecklaceAnd there you have it, a beautiful paper heart necklace. I loved seeing this vision of mine come to life before my very own eyes and it turned out just liked I’d always dreamt it would.

If you do make your own paper heart necklace please send me a picture I’d love to see it.

DIY Paper Heart Necklace

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