DIY Sunburst Mirror Makeover

I’ve been in the process of giving a couple of things a little “makeover.” I’m so glad things can easily be changed with spray paint, cause that’s what I’ve been doing. A few days ago I posted about the DIY Spray Painted Animal Head Makeover, now it’s all about the sunburst mirror. If you’ve been reading my articles then you’ll remember the original DIY Sunburst Mirror in all of it’s red glory. It turned out the way I wanted it, but shortly after I was dreading the color. A trip to Home Depot and a few little changes later and it’s now perfect.

DIY Sunburst Mirror MakeoverIt looks so much better than it’s former self, I’m so glad I whipped out my handy dandy spray can.

DIY Sunburst Mirror MakeoverI used a light ivory spray paint by Rustoleum and purchased rope at Home Depot, then used my hot glue gun to glue the rope to the edge of the mirror.

DIY Sunburst Mirror MakeoverIs it weird if I can’t stop staring at it cause I do it all the time now haha.

DIY Sunburst Mirror MakeoverWhat do you think of the makeover? Have you ever made a sunburst mirror? I’d love to know!

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DIY Sunburst Mirror Makeover

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