DIY teacup garden

I’m sure you’ve all seen a miniature garden or two out there. If not, then you really should Google ‘fairy garden’ or ‘miniature garden’. There are even books on fairy gardening. Really. These sweet, adorable little scenes can capture the imagination, and make you wish you were wee enough to jump into them!

Mini gardens were a big inspiration when I made my winter scene in a book, and when I made the streetlamp snow globe. This time, and just in time for Mother’s Day, a mini garden, bench, and a streetlamp all find a home in this sweet pink teacup. And it’s all for Mom.

DIY teacup garden

Some scenes are very elaborate, others are simple. This one was very easy and didn’t take a lot of time. The bottom of the teacup has a full layer of pebbles for drainage, potting soil that had been slightly packed, then I stuffed it full of very low lying, hardy, and easy to grow plants. Hens and Chickens are great choices too. I swear you could take those things, pull them out of the dirt, throw them on the sidewalk for a week, replant them and they would just keep going!
DIY teacup garden

I had some moss growing in my backyard. Perfect…. just right to resemble ‘grass’. Placing a few wee pebbles around the edges and any naked spots finished it off. As you can see in the image above, I put the taller plants at the back to give them some height.
DIY teacup garden

In order to get the streetlamp and bench to stay in place, I hot glued a short piece of dowel to the bottom of each of them, to act as a ‘spike’ to keep them stable.

Now, all it needs is a little mist here and there and an audience!

DIY teacup garden

Want to make your own miniature garden? There are so many things you can use and create for your scene. Here are some ideas!

Half shell for a birdbath (upside down)
Marble on a small wooden candle cup for a gazing ball
Wee stones for filler or a walkway
Small birdhouse as a regular house
Mirror shard as water
Make flower pots from wooden candle cups
Little fence from popsicle sticks or stir sticks
Twigs or small branches as ‘logs’
Sand for a walkway
Sticks cut into thing rings as walkway/path
Jewelry or floral wire to create a trellis

DIY teacup garden
DIY teacup garden

DIY teacup garden

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