Dreamy White Christmas Tree

Growing up in California I was always dreaming of a white Christmas. I remember one year it was literally freezing cold on Christmas Eve and my sweet mother put a sprinkler on that night to surprise us. We woke up to everything covered in sparkling white crystally ice.  It was beautiful and I will never forget that magical morning.

Dreamy White Christmas TreeI just loved looking at our Thanksgiving Tree and with it’s handwritten ‘Thankful Leaves’. It has officially become a new family tradition. Wanting to keep it around a little longer I repurposed it for the Christmas season.

Dreamy White Christmas TreeIt was quite simple too (my fav kinda project). I took it outside to first cover it with spray adhesive and then to sprinkle small little pieces of snow all over it.

Dreamy White Christmas TreeI worked a small area at a time, spraying and sprinkling. Spraying and sprinkling. I let the tree sit for a bit and then gently shook it to remove any loose snow. I turned it upside down and sprayed and sprinkled underneath too so any upturned leaves would be white as well. Don’t have any snow in a bag? Try Epsom or Sea Salt!

Living in Oregon now I’ve experienced a real life white Christmas, and so have my kiddo’s. But when they saw how I transformed our Thanksgiving Tree into a Dreamy White Christmas Tree their little eyes sparkled with Christmas magic. It was beautiful.

Dreamy White Christmas Tree