How to clean LCD Screens using coffee filters

Certainly, dust gives us all headaches and unfortunately there is no miracle solution to remove it forever. Normally, it should be wiped about twice a week, but there are plenty of solutions that manage to keep dust away for a long time.

I know we all love a cleaned house, but not all of us love to do housework and we seek for easy ways to escape this torture. Therefore, most inventive housewives have found the perfect solution for us, to help us spend less time cleaning. With kindness they shared with us some advice that can be implemented in many households.
So if dust on the TV or other appliances give you headaches, a simple way to get rid of it is the filter paper. Forget about the anti-static spray, microfiber cloths that need to periodical wash. With a simple paper bag the dirt is removed and you don’t need to do anything after that.
Other tricks to know to clean the house in record time
Dust does not forgive anything in ad lampshades, chandeliers require special attention, especially if they are made of fabric or paper.
A simple trick is to clean these decorative objects with a lint roller. Exactly the same roll lint that you use for clothes. Wipe the surface with this roll lint and say goodbye to dirt.
Bread for shattered glass
If you broke a glass, and want to clean the area, use bread crumb. Remove the dirt with a slice of bread, and you’ll notice that even the smallest pieces of glass will “stick” in the middle, disappearing like magic from the floor.
How to clean the burner caps
A simple way to get rid of the grease that is deposited on the burner caps is to clean them with ammonia. All you have to do is to put each burner cap in a vacuum bag, where you have sprinkled ammonia. Let it stand overnight, and after 24 hours the burner caps will shine.
How to clean LCD Screens using coffee filters


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