How To Clean Your (Runner’s) Shower

I hadn’t been able to get our shower really clean for almost a year. I tried Kaboom and other cleaners, but for some reason, it just wouldn’t get white white.

Well, thanks to this pin on Pinterest, our shower is sparkly clean.

The recipe calls for:
1/2 c. white vinegar
1/2 c. Original Blue Dawn Dish Soap
4 T. Baking Soda
Empty spray bottle (or skip this and use a glass measuring cup)

S purchased a spray bottle in the automotive section of the store. I say, you can forgo the bottle since this happened to me.

Heat the vinegar in the microwave for 90 seconds. Allow cooling slightly (or you will have a volcano on your hands when adding in the baking soda).

I heated in a glass measuring cup. After adding the baking soda (and cleaning up the mess from the volcano), add the Dawn dish soap.

How To Clean Your (Runner's) ShowerIgnore the spray bottle.

I poured it all into the spray bottle and jammed the nozzle (see above). Out of necessity, I poured it back into the measuring cup and used it as a paste.

How To Clean Your (Runner's) ShowerOoey gooey clean.

I spread the paste with a washcloth and let it sit for two hours. I honestly didn’t think this would work. But, I was so wrong.

How To Clean Your (Runner's) ShowerDirty on the left, sprakly clean on the right.

It wiped clean with no scrubbing. Unbelievable and so economical.

So much for hiring a maid. I no longer need to be afraid of cleaning the shower. Thank goodness for Pinterest.

How To Clean Your (Runner's) Shower

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