How to Craft Crowns for Your Baby

Baby girls like to feel like little princesses. If you are celebrating their birthday, make them dress like a fairytale princess with a dancing frock and a beautiful crown. You can also give them a little wand to make them fairy godmother. There are lots of parents who also like to click some snaps of their newborn, wearing these beautiful, little crowns. If you craft such crowns at home, you can prepare those with good materials that won’t hurt your baby. With the same idea, you can also make bigger crowns. While celebrating tea party, wearing a crown will make you look like the queen of the party. For prom nights or as hair accessories, these small crowns are quite popular among young girls.

Things You Will Need for Making the Crown

To make beautiful crowns, you will need certain objects. Here, you will get a tutorial on making tiny crowns for little girls and these are only 2-2.5 inches. Therefore, the materials are used are appropriate for the little crowns. If you want to make bigger versions, you can use materials accordingly. Here are the materials you are going to need-

  • Lace, around 5 inches. Actually, such laces are known as ‘clumsy’ lace. You can buy these from any craft shops or order online.
  • The next important thing you will need for these beautiful crowns is fabric stiffener. You can use a variety of colors and glitters here to make your crown fancier. You can also use metallic paint here. To avoid getting messy with glitter and glue, you can use glitter hairspray.
  • You are also going to need wax paper, paint brush, and
  • Small ribbon roses for extra decoration.How to Craft Crowns for Your Baby

How to Prepare Crowns for Your Kid’s Birthday

Once you are ready with the essential ingredients, you can start making crowns at home. Here are the steps you need to follow-

  • Take a wax paper and lay lace on it and use the sponge brush to apply fabric stiffener. It is time-consuming as it takes 4 to 5 coats application on the lace. Once one layer gets dry, you should apply the next coat.How to Craft Crowns for Your Baby
  • To make it fast, you can put fabric stiffener in a pot and dip the lace directly into it. This takes lesser time than the previous one and also it is a more efficient process.
  • You should make sure to avoid ‘little windows’ in the holes of the lace. Use a sponge brush to clean excess fabric stiffener.How to Craft Crowns for Your Baby
  • Now, you need to dry the lace. It may take around 3 hours to get dried completely before starting painting.
  • Once the lace is dried completely, you can start painting it. You can choose any type of fabric colors. Usually, golden crowns are more popular among kids than other types.
  • Paint the lace and keep it overnight for drying. Check out in the morning. If needed, you can paint it again to make more vibrant.How to Craft Crowns for Your Baby
  • Once the lace is dried, you need to shape it up in a perfect circle and stick the two ends with glue.
  • Your crown is ready. To make it extra adorable, you can use ribbon roses, colorful ribbons, and

So, here you get to know how to make lace crowns for your princess. Instead of buying it from shops, if you prepare it at home, it will be special for her and she will love to wear it. You can also ask her preferences about colors and other embellishments. This will make her happier.

How to Craft Crowns for Your Baby