How to Create Red Burlap Rose

Do you want to give something amazing to your partner on this Valentine’s Day? How about preparing something by yourself and gift it? Something with your personal touch will be better than any readymade gift items. How about burlap rose wreaths? You must have made roses with crepe paper in your art class at school. But, those are really messy and time-consuming. If you have burlap in your house, you can make a beautiful bunch of roses and then turn them into an amazing rose wreath. This is quite easy and doesn’t take much time. Here, you will get some ideas about making burlap rose wreath.

Things You Need to Make Burlap Roses

For making burlap roses, you need certain materials. Actually, such materials are so common that you don’t need to find them a lot for making such beautiful object. You are going to need-

  • 10 inches Styrofoam wreath. If you want to make a bigger wreath, you can take bigger wreath.
  • Glue sticks and a glue gun
  • 8ish yards of red burlap. As it is made for Valentine’s Day, the roses must be read. But you can take other colors and also create a multi-colored

These are the essential objects you need to create a burlap rose wreath. Before beginning, you should remember that you should always cut the burlap strips outside your room. They get very messy and you will need to put effort while cleaning them.

Steps of Making Beautiful Burlap Rose

Are you ready with the materials? Now, it is time to follow the steps to make burlap rose wreath. Read on to know more-

  • Firstly, you will need lots of burlap for this craft. A wreath always has roses of different shapes. That’s why you need to prepare small and large sizes of roses. For little roses, you need to cut a burlap strip that is 13 inches long and 1-1.5 inches wide. For larger roses, you need 26 inches long strips with the same
  • For making roses, you need to cut straight strips of burlap. That is tricky. What you can do is to measure the length and width you want and pull out a fabric with the help of a safety pin. Pull it slowly so that the string won’t break. Now, cut straight.How to Create Red Burlap Rose How to Create Red Burlap Rose How to Create Red Burlap Rose
  • For a wreath, you will need lots of roses. Once you get the strips, it’s time to roll them for three to four times. Thus, you can make the center of the rose.
  • Now, use glue before forming the petals. You should use glue at the lower portion so that it can’t be seen from outside, otherwise it won’t look nice.
  • It is time to form the petals. Hold the bottom of the rose carefully with your left hand and start wrapping the burlap around the center of the rose with your right hand. Don’t forget it twisting towards you. It will give roses a complete look.
  • After few wraps, use glue to attach the petals and twist your wrist.How to Create Red Burlap Rose How to Create Red Burlap Rose How to Create Red Burlap Rose How to Create Red Burlap RoseHow to Create Red Burlap Rose
  • Use sufficient glue to attach the end flap of burlap and twist it to attach at the bottom and use scissors to cut the uneven ends for a complete look.How to Create Red Burlap Rose

This is the way to prepare burlap roses. Now, make many roses in this way and use glue on the Styrofoam wreath. Attach the roses on that to get your favorite burlap rose wreath. You can follow a sequence by attaching small flowers and then the big flowers all place them haphazardly to get a beautiful look.

How to Create Red Burlap Rose