How to Make a Laundry Rack

I’ve always wanted a clothesline. We live in the country. We have lots of room for one. I’ve asked for one. I’ve begged for one. But my husband has a serious aversion to line dried towels. And sheets. So I don’t have one. I may build my own some day. And that day came!

So while I don’t have a clothes line, I do have a lot of clothes that say “line dry”. One day one of my favorite blogs “Centsational Girl” featured a tutorial on how to build your own laundry room drying rack, based on this pricey little item from Ballard Designs.

She made it look so easy! So easy, that I thought “why not make one?” (You can read her tutorial here.)
But here’s the thing. I’m cheap. Really cheap. So I started scrounging. I found an old drawer front lying on the floor in one of our old sheds. I wish I had the dresser it came from, because it’s mahogany (or maybe walnut),and the sides are dovetailed.

How to Make a Laundry RackAnyway, I used that for the bottom of the rack.

How to Make a Laundry RackI used scrap lumber for the top and sides, and leftover chains to hang from the sides. I bought the dowels, eye hooks and a cup hook for the side. When I want the rack to lay flat against the wall, I hook a link of the chain over the cup hook and that holds it in place.

How to Make a Laundry RackI used an old door hinge to hold the bottom of the rack to the wall.

How to Make a Laundry RackI decided not to put a back on this. It just seemed easier to screw everything directly into the wall. The planks hold everything in place and I haven’t seen any sign of any screws pulling out of the wall. We use this thing all the time.

The only thing I would change is the polyurethane I put on as a top coat. It’s starting to yellow.

Thanks for reading!

How to Make a Laundry Rack

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