How to make paper flowers

Today you’re getting the tutorial on how to make the paper flowers I made that you saw in the photos of the tea party. Run on sentence fail. So this whole paper flower idea started when I saw these two tutorials for differently styled paper flowers:

1) Watercolor paper flowers by Rachel of Heart of Light
2) Sparkly-centered paper flowers by The Wedding Chicks

You guys. MAJOR. FAIL. Seriously. This blog ain’t called the uncrafter for nothing. But, I came up with my own version that was pretty cute!

This is what you need:

-a variety of sheets of paper (you’ll use about 1 sheet for each flower)
-glue gun
-rectangular and circular shaped objects (you’ll see, don’t worry)

So, here we go!

How to make paper flowersStep 1: Take your sheet of paper. Cut three strips of paper of varying sizes using three differently sized rectangular objects. You may have to cut multiples of the same sized strip depending on how big the sheet is. The three strips can be the same color, or different, or whatever you want! I used a ruler for the smallest strip, and two different random rectangular skinny boxes to measure the other two. Obviously I was being super precise. 😉

Step 2: Cut the strips so they look like the step 2 picture.

Step 3: Cut the strips on a diagonal like you see in the step 3 picture, and sort of fold the top inward. Roll it around a little until it looks like a flower petal. This might take some experimenting.

Step 4: Cut a circle from the leftover paper. The size of your circle should increase as your flower size increases, so cut a circle that you feel your biggest petals will all fit on. (see step 7 picture for a picture of that). Make one cut like you see in the step 4 picture.

Step 5: Overlap one side of the cut circle over the other side and glue them together. You can determine the angle at which your flower will fan out by overlapping the sides more or less.

How to make paper flowersThen, just start layering your flowers using your glue gun!

How to make paper flowersAfter that, just put some glue in the center and sprinkle glitter over it. You can experiment with your own shapes and colors and petal styles, I would love to see your results!

How to make paper flowers

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