How to fix snags in fabrics

The question of the day is this – Does your cat sleep on your guest bed?

Cats tend to love guest bedrooms because they are most often void of people.

I’ve got no problem with this, except if you don’t watch it they can create a huge bed of fur that grows and grows and grows, possibly leaving enough hair to weave into yarn.

And – in my case – a little bit of a problem…
How to fix snags in fabrics

Either the old cat is kneading with a little too much gusto, or the old cat is snagging the pillow sham when she bursts off the scene as soon as the young cat enters the space.

Either way, this sham has seen better days but I need it to match the two other shams which are not damaged at all.

Enter theĀ Dritz 618 Snag Nab-It Tool, 2-1/2-Inch

Could I just say that EVERYONE needs one of these?

All it is, is a thick metal needle with a “roughed up” top half.

How to fix snags in fabricsYou just stick the needle into the spot where the snag is.
How to fix snags in fabrics
Then pull the needle through and voila’! The snag is gone.

The thread pulls through the fabric and stays there.

I’ve used mine for years and it never fails to produce.

How to fix snags in fabricsCan you believe it is the same pillow sham?

If you don’t already have one of these magic tools you can get one by clicking on this link.

And in case you need something to pull through the snags on your sweaters and knits, you can try this – Snag Repair Tool So. Now you have no excuse.

My mission has been revealed!

All snags must be removed!!!

How to fix snags in fabrics

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