Natural Coffee Stain

I’ve got fun little wood project coming up and it involves cake, should I just stop now so you can take it all in? CAKE!!! Actually I broke the post up into three parts, today is part one and we’ll end it with the cake! My wood project needed a bit of stain and so, because I needed to preserve the integrity of the sweet sponge, I made a simple coffee stain.

Natural Coffee StainMaterials:

  • 1C white household vinegar
  • 3/4C coffee grounds

(adjust the amount based on how much you need)

Natural Coffee StainUsing a heatproof glass bowl heat the vinegar up until it’s nice and hot, add the coffee grounds and allow to steep for 30 minutes. Strain the coffee grounds out.

Natural Coffee StainIf you want a deeper color, reheat the previously steeped vinegar back up and use new coffee grounds and allow to steep for an additional 30 minutes.

Natural Coffee StainI only steeped my vinegar once as I wanted a light color.

Natural Coffee Stain Allow your stain to cool and use to stain your wood! The wood I used is pine so the stain comes off a little yellow, and will look different based on the type of wood you have to stain.

Natural Coffee Stain

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