Seashell Specimen Art

Our neighbors were having a yard sale and nosy neighbors that we are meandered over to see what they were getting rid of. We found these pretty sea shells and I HAD to have them. As I’m slowly piecing our living room together, it’s taking on a coastal cottage vibe and these shells would just add to it. I knew instantly that I wanted to create a specimen art piece with them and exactly where I wanted to hang it.

We have a fairly open floor plan with only a column that separates our living room and dining areas. That poor column looks so sad and lonely all by it’s self, so I put an accent chair and small table there. It still needed something on the wall (column) to finish it off. As soon as I saw those shells, I knew that column is exactly where they should live.

Although I bought 4 shells, one was much larger and would be better as a chotsky on the shelf. I used the other three for the specimen art. My favorite is the speckled shell.

First I needed a board. I wanted something weathered and rustic, so went to our stash of random pieces of scrap wood and found an old piece of pallet wood. I laid out the shells on top to make sure they were in the right place.

The board was just a bit too long and had screw holes in the ends. I had Hubs cut the ends off for me making it the right length.Seashell Specimen Art I thought about painting the wood white and distressing it a little, but frankly I was impatient. I also like the idea of the weathered board as a backing for my little art project. I was being both intentional and lazy on this one.

To attach the shells, I used a Gorilla glue epoxy. I was kind of worried that the glue wouldn’t hold. There is only a small surface area of shell that is actually touching the board. But once the epoxy had time to set and dry, it held perfectly!

Then I just added a picture hanging do-hickey and hung it up.

It’s simple, different from anything I’ve seen in a store, and cost me a whopping $2.50.

Seashell Specimen Art

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