Thrifted Sweater Turned Pumpkin Pillow

A few weeks ago I had the idea to make a sweet pumpkin pillow for the living room. I’ve become quite obsessed with filling the couch and every chair we have with comfy pillows. We barely have any room to sit! I wanted to make a pumpkin pillow from a sweater, so I went to a few thrift stores and found a perfect bright orange sweater that was in great condition, and it was only a few bucks.

Thrifted Sweater Turned Pumpkin PillowHere is how YOU can make one just like it!

You will need:

    • Sweater
    • Green Felt
    • Pillow Stuffing

Thrifted Sweater Turned Pumpkin Pillow
I bought a bright orange sweater, but pumpkins come in all shades of orange, yellow and even white! You can be as creative as YOU choose.

Thrifted Sweater Turned Pumpkin Pillow
1. Cut the sleeves off your sweater.
2. Pin a rough version of the shape you want your pumpkin to be. This will ensure that your sweater material stays put after you cut all the seams off.
3. Cut AROUND your pins, giving yourself a little wiggle room. You can always make your shape smaller later, but cut fabric can’t sewn back on, I’ve learned about wiggle room the hard way!
4. Cut and sew your green felt stem and fill with stuffing.
5. Sew your pumpkin sweater leaving an opening at the top and bottom.
6. Sew your stem to the top, closing up the top opening.
7. Stuff your pumpkin with filling and sew shut.
8. Enjoy!
Thrifted Sweater Turned Pumpkin Pillow
Thrifted Sweater Turned Pumpkin Pillow
When I first started this project I thought about adding a template for the pumpkin, but the truth is, they come in every shape and size, so feel free to make YOUR pillow unique!

Thrifted Sweater Turned Pumpkin Pillow

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